Games to stretch your mind, improving your attention and working memory.
These games have been fine tuned to give your mind a gradually harder and harder workout. This brain training site takes a fresh approach, focussing deeply on a select few games, with performance graphs for each game so that you can see your progress over the days and weeks.
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Snapback is an implementation of the well established NBack working memory training game.

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NBack is the awkward name used for a variation of 'Snap' card game, where you identify card matches. If the previous cards are covered, and you have to match a card 2 or more spaces back, it provides a rolling test of your working memory.

Playing such a game regularly not only improves the quality of your working memory, but also can improve your attentional abilities.

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Snapback2 implements a simplified, but rich version of the dual NBack brain training game

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By adding sounds to the image stream, a Dual game is that much more demanding.

Snapback2 asks you to remember the position of an image in a 2 by 2 grid along with the sound made at the same time. Tracking 2 items concurrently makes it about twice as hard as Snapback.

Most dual back implementations use a 3 by 3 grid, but this is unnecessarily complex. The game offered here mixes in a Stroop Test, where the sounds are colour words, with image colours that often do not match. This added level of confusion works attention very hard in addition to memory.

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ShapeShifter trains memory of multiple images in a single shot.

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A screen of different shapes with varying colours is presented twice - you simply identify if a shape has been removed or added or both. Simple pattern matching is not enough since the shapes change position in later stages.

This helps improve both your memory and your concentration.

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Storylines exercises your precise memory of story lines. When asked to recall one of a number of sentences, your concentration as well as memory are stretched.

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